Here is a list of businesses, practitioners, and non-profit organizations who are located in the Tamarack Building and Tamarack Pool at South Eugene Wellness Center, LLC. Please contact directly for more information about their services.

The Tamarack Building:

Located on the corner of Donald & Pearl (Pearl is between 34th & 36th).

The 100 Wing

Suite 100
EUGENE YOGA: A Sanctuary for Body, Mind, Spirit
Owners: Valerie Morris

Offering yoga for every level and healing movement in the Southwind and Northwind Yoga Rooms. Yoga mats, props and accessories as well as prepared healthy food and cold press organic juice are sold in the store/café.
Phone: 541-520-8771
Email: info[at]eugeneyoga[dot]us

Suite 103
Matthew McNatt, GCFP
Movement-based education (EASE)
Learn better. Move free. All ages.

Phone: 541-687-2800
Email: matthew[at]ease[dot]coop
Website: (currently under construction)

Heather Johnson, M.Ed
Cognitive Trainer (EASE)
Learn better. Move free. All ages.

Phone: 541-687-2800
Email: heather[at]ease[dot]coop
Website: (currently under construction)

Suite 105
South Eugene Wellness Center, LLC
Tamarack Building
Steve Olson,
General Manager
Email: tamarackbuilding(at)gmail(dot)com
Phone: 541-484-6100

Suite 107
Next Generation Nepal, a Registered 501(c)3
Rescuing and reconnecting the trafficked children of Nepal with their families and communities.
Phone: 541-912-5432
Email: annahowe[at]nextgenerationnepal[dot]org

Suite 110
Gutierrez Holistic Family Medicine, LLC
Dr. Orestes Gutierrez

Dr. Gutierrez is dual, board-certified in Family Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine.

Suite 130
Swedish Massage

JoAnn Wonders, LMT #3652
A Nurturing, Deeply Relaxing Experience
Phone: 541-870-1370
Email: joannwonders[at]hotmail[dot]com

Andrea Armstrong, LMT #22116
Licensed massage therapist offering Swedish, connective tissue, deep tissue, prenatal, Reiki, and reflexology focusing on all facets of health and wellness.
Phone: 541-510-2919
Email: AndreaArmstrongLMT[at]gmail[dot]com

Suite 140
Sara Rich, MSW
Family Therapist
Phone: 541-953-4071
Email: sararich[at]me[dot]com

Sandra T. Gorchow, LMFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist – Privileged to be skilled in developing relationships with my clients to earn, value and respect their trust in order to achieve mutually formulated goals.
Phone: 541-222-9350
Email: sgorchow[at]me[dot]com

Suite 150
Lucas Weiss, LMT  #20769
Beyond Body Healing Arts. – Accident and Trauma Recovery. Offering Massage, specializing in Connective Tissue Therapy and Biodynamic Carniosacral Therapy. Instruction in Taichi, Qigong, Bagua, and Xin Yi. 
Phone: 541-331-2860
Email: lukeweiss11[at]gmail[dot]com

Suite 160
Willow Rose, LPC, CHT
Transpersonal psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, shamanic practices
Phone: 541-461-5424
Email: willowrose[at]spirit-well[dot]com

Suite 170
Rose Electrolysis, LLC

Yahsolait Rose, Licensed Electrologist

Specializing in permanent hair removal.
Phone: 541-525-1611
Email: yahsolait[at]gmail[dot]com

The 200 Wing

Suite 220
Family & Community Medicine
Pamela L. Wible
An ideal clinic designed entirely by the community. Dr. Pamela Wible pioneered the first community-designed ideal clinic in America.
Phone: 541-345-2437

Suite 230
Community Support Brokerage
Susan Denney

A family-centered, community-based, supported-living program.
Phone: 541-343-0368
Email: csb97[at]comcast [dot]net

Suite 231
Hands Helping Humanity
Kokouvi Peter Oni, Ed.D
Educational and economic opportunities to improve living standards.
Phone: 541-870-2173
Email: o_jespeter[at]hotmail[dot]com

Suite 240
Connie Lindgren, LPC
Holistic counseling and therapy practice.
Phone: 541-510-9845
Email: connie[at]connielindgren[dot]com

Suite 250
International School of Modern Technology Preschool (ISMTP)
Arbrella Luvert, Director

Providing children ages 3-5 with a rigorous, comprehensive and relevant early education while promoting personal development, cultural literacy and academic excellence.
Phone: 541-285-1916
Email: moderntech21[at]gmail[dot]com

The 600 Wing

Suite 600
Wise Counseling

Tracy Wise, LPC
Specializing in neurofeedback treatments for anxiety, depression, ADHD, and head injuries.
Phone: 541-520-8633
Email: tracywise[at]wisecounseling[dot]net

Suite 610
Foresight Freelance Writing
Cevia Yellin, MAT

Writing, editing, teaching and consulting
Phone: (541) 514-6703
Email: ceviay[at]gmail[dot]com

Suite 620
Eugene Healing Massage
David Levin, LMT
Massage Therapist
Phone: 541-729-6611
Email: wellnessatwork25[at]gmail[dot]com

Alissa Arakelian, LMT #21573
Massage Therapist and Reflexology
Phone: 203-455-4880
Email: aa.digearth[at]gmail[dot]com

Suite 630
Electrolysis by Tami
Tami Kanning, Licensed Electrologist

Specializing in permanent hair removal.
Phone: 541-514-4857
Email: tamikanning[at]gmail[dot]com

Suite 640
Healing in the Hands Massage
Megan Haug, LMT #10180
Swedish, trigger point, deep tissue, myofascial release, neuromuscular re-education, craniosacral therapy,  joint mobilization technique, Spectro-chrome Therapy and Spiritual Response Therapy. Online scheduling.
Phone: 541-465-4864
Email: meganshealinghands[at]gmail[dot]com

Suite 650
Psyche Integration Counseling
Brian Sorrells, LMFT

My goal in therapy is to facilitate a process that will help the various aspects of your psyche to heal and work together harmoniously and to support healthy relationships with the outer world.
Phone: 541-556-7652
Email: bsorrells[at]psycheintegration[dot]com

Suite 660
Jason Quiring, PhD
Phone: 541-255-2319

Suite 670
Cynthia Healey Counseling and Consultation, LLC
Cynthia Healey, PhD

Licensed psychologist serving individuals, youth, and families.
Phone: 541-505-4997
Email: cynthiahealey108[at]gmail[dot]com

Suite 680
Rozek & Daggett, LLC

Personal and professional coaching, consulting, and workshops.
Somatic therapy, breathwork, couple communication coaching.

Kassy Daggett, LMT coach, somatic therapist
Email: kassy[at]vrkd[dot]com
Phone: 541-912-4940
Victor Rozek, coach
Phone: 541-683-1776
Email: victor[at]vrkd[dot]com

Out Buildings:

Tamarack Pool

Located behind the Tamarack Building & accessible from the lower parking lot.

Suite 300
Tamarack Aquatic Center
Tamarack Wellness Center, 501(c)3
Susan Quash-Mah, Ph.D., Non-Profit Director
92-degree salt water pool; exercise, therapeutic, and swim lesson classes
Phone: 541-686-9290
Email: info[at]tamarackwellness[dot]com

Annex Building

Located behind the south ends of the Tamarack Building and Tamarack Pool.

Suite 400 (downstairs)
Bodies By Pilates

Vicky Schneider
A private Pilates studio for one-on-one training with a licensed Occupational Therapist/Certified Pilates Instructor with 20+ years of experience.
Phone: 541-434-8406
Email: bodiesbypilates[at]comcast[dot]net

Lou Moulder
Certified Dance Instructor and Movement Therapist
Phone: 972-567-9718
Email: loumoulder[at]gmail[dot]com

Suite 500 (upstairs)

The Annex Event Center


Join us in making life’s moments memorable and filled with beauty!

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